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“We are very excited to work with an amazing array of public and private sector partners to support innovative food systems’ initiatives and efforts that help farmers and food businesses to grow, thrive, and enhance food security for our communities.”

— Glenda Humiston, University of California Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources

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Local First Arizona’s Good Food Finder is Arizona’s Voice for Local Food

As a statewide nonprofit organization, Local First has spent 20 years working to strengthen the local economy and food system while increasing environmental resiliency. Through the Good Food Finder website and directory, Local First connects food producers to the marketplace, including farmers markets, restaurants and grocery stores. Leveraging our four incubator kitchens, we also work to develop entrepreneurs and small businesses that are interested in developing desert adapted foods. Supporting local farmers, ranchers and food entrepreneurs to rebuild Arizona’s food system, Local First fosters food-based economic development and increases access to affordable, fresh and local food to all Arizonans. Our portfolio of food initiatives and events strengthens the bonds between local food and our vibrant communities and works to create prosperity in urban, tribal, and rural settings.